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It’s Time to Start Prepping for Autumn

The end of Summer is approaching quickly, and it’s about to be time for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the beginning of Fall! The autumnal season comes with many wonderful things, the leaves change, and people start feeling festive with their Pumpkin Spice Lattes in hand; however, after the leaves change color, they begin to leave their trees and head for the ground, but sometimes, they don’t make it all the way.

Leaf It to Me

Leaves in Autumn start falling as the cold of winter approaches. They are released from the trees after serving their time absorbing sunlight. They then flutter off their trees as gravity and the elements pull them away. This journey to the ground is often interrupted by roofs ad gutters of houses, leading to buildup and the potential for damage. 

Leaves don’t cause damage all on their own, but when combined with water, and thousands of other leaves they can cause serious damage. The initial risk with leaves in your gutter is clogging, this causes rainwater to leave the gutters in areas besides your downspouts. When water is not diverted from your house, it can cause foundation and wall damage. The weight of the leaves and water may also cause an issue, as gutters are not equipped to hold hundreds of pounds at a time and may begin to pull away from your house.

Once the weather cools off, the water trapped in the leaves may begin to freeze. Water is a unique compound in its physical properties as it expands when it freezes. This interesting property becomes disastrous when mixed with confined spaces like gutters. The force of the frozen water can be strong enough to burst and warp gutters and downspouts. 

Deciduous Decisions

Cleaning your gutters when issues arise is always a good idea, but an important seasonal idea is to get your gutters ready for the fall. This can entail cleaning them well and making sure there is no damage or risks for clogs. If you would rather avoid cleaning the gutters yourself, or feel unable to do so, the good news is that professional gutter services can provide a cleaning and inspection of your gutters to ensure they are ready for the incoming fall.

Even if you clean your gutters on your own, it is a good idea to get a yearly inspection of your gutters to know that they are healthy and ready to tackle any weather or leaf that comes their way. With a gutter inspection, you can rest assured knowing that your gutters are ready. With proper maintenance and repairs, gutters can last up to 15-20 years, so get the most out of your investment and save your money by getting them periodically inspected.

While regular cleaning and inspection are the main ways to keep your gutters safe, a method to reduce the risk of clogs and more aggressive cleaning procedures is by installing gutter guards. Gutter guards vary in design, but their function is to stop leaves and debris from entering your gutters and causing clogs. This can reduce the need for major cleaning and keep your gutters safe for years to come.

Final Thoughts

Autumn is just around the corner, and to keep your gutters from having a falling out with you, make sure they are ready for the season. Gutter cleanings and inspections are just as important as checking the batteries in your fire alarms because you want to keep your home safe. If you need a consultation for a gutter cleaning, inspection, repair, or replacement contact Gutter Pros today for more information.