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The Top Summer Gutter Problems

There is no doubt that summertime has arrived. As temperatures reach higher digits, homeowners may not think that gutter issues could arise during the hot summer months. However, that assumption could not be more wrong. Every season brings about a whole new set of risks to your gutters and your home, including summer. 

Autumn brings falling foliage and winter produces icy snowy storms, all of which can create threats to your home. However, do not underestimate summer, as it also has just as many threats as the others do. One such threat would include dangerous summer thunderstorms. Do not stop taking care of your gutters just because it is summertime. The following are the top summer gutter problems and how to fix, or prevent, them. 



Saturated debris can build up in your gutters which can attract insects and birds, giving them the opportunity to make a home in your gutter system. As soon as the insects and birds get comfortable and create their living space, so do the animals that feed on them. In other words, your dirty gutters might attract frogs, lizards, rodents, and snakes. There is no one that enjoys having these creatures near their home.

Mold Growth

Over a period of time, debris has the chance to build up in your gutters and ultimately begin to decompose. This provides a breeding ground for mold, and if this mold is given the opportunity to grow unchecked, it can find its way into your house. Mold in your house can have the devastating effect of damaging the health of your entire family. 

Dry Leaves

The dry, hot temperatures that go along with summer leads to dead and dry leaves. Even though the collected, broken down pieces of foliage might not seem dangerous, the rising temperatures can lead to a fire by sparking in your gutters. 


The heavy downpours of spring can cause damage to your gutters without you knowing about it. The damage or a blockage in the gutters can cause them to leak, which can then lead to roof ad foundation damage. 


Now that you know the top summer gutter problems, you might be asking yourself, “How do I fix these problems?” The following are suggestions that could help you fix or prevent these potential problems. 

Proper Cleaning

Buildup in your gutters can cause major issues. Having a professional clean your gutter system can be the only preventative measure you will want to take. When there is no debris in your gutters, pests will not become attracted, mold will not have the opportunity or environment to grow, and dry leaves will not be present to spark a fire. A professional cleaning of your gutters can go a long way. 

Gutter Inspection

Making sure your gutters are not damaged is always a good thing to add to your home maintenance checklist. The best way to make sure your gutters are not damaged is by hiring a professional to inspect them. This will give you a peace of mind knowing your home is safe. 

Making sure you avoid or fix these summer gutter problems will keep you and your family safe, as well as your home. If you are looking for a professional to inspect your gutters for damage or clean them to remove debris, contact GutterPros at (314) 656-7195. With more than 10 years in the gutter business, we have come across all kinds of gutter situations in which we have found solutions for. Call us today and we will discuss all the possibilities that we can offer you to protect your home from potential gutter problems.