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Are Your Gutters a Fire Hazard?

It is evident that summer is here. The temperatures are high, the air is humid, and it is time for family vacations. This is also a popular time of year where you will see reminders about fire prevention around your home. It is suggested that you remove dried yard waste, trim tree limbs that hang over your home, and cut back shrubs around your air conditioner. One common area that homeowners forget to include on their fire prevention checklist is cleaning their gutters. Dried debris that has collected in your gutters can easily become fuel for a fire. 

Twigs and leaves do not leave a pretty sight. They also become an easy way for a spark to turn into a life-threatening house fire. Sparks from wildfires, barbeque grills, backyard fire pits, or even a neighbor’s house fire can end up in your gutter and start to burn the leaves. Roofs that are covered in more dried debris gives that spark the fuel it needs to quickly turn into a disaster. 

The following information will help you determine whether your gutters are a fire hazard and could potentially keep you and your loved ones safe this summer. 

Fire-Resistant, Not Fireproof

Some homeowners tend to think that since their home’s exterior is brick and their shingles are a Class A fire-resistant material, their home will never catch on fire from the outside. There are not many materials that are 100% fireproof, and even if your home’s exterior materials are fire-resistant, that does not mean they are fireproof. An ember from a forest fire or house fire can travel more than 5,000 feet; therefore, you do not want to offer any fuel for a fire on your roof. Keep in mind, your gutters are attached to your home’s roofline and your roofing system is made partly of wood. 

Cleaning Your Roof and Gutters is Easy

Cleaning your roof and gutters several times a year is a simple concept to stop debris from piling us. All you need is a blower, garden hose, ladder, and rubber-soled shoes. The simplest way to start is by blowing dried debris off your roof. When that is completed, you will want to use your hose to wash away stuck-on leaves. However, do not use too much pressure or you could cause damage to your shingles. 

The debris that has been washed off your roof will most likely end up in your gutters. Although it is not the most enjoyable task, the simplest way to clean out your gutters is by hand. This is one reason why some homeowners invest in gutter protection systems. Instead of having to clean debris out of your gutters several times a year, aluminum gutter covers help stop debris from building up at all, even when you use a blower and garden hose to clean your roof. Another option is to have a professional clean your gutters for you. This would save you time and keep you safe. 

Consider Aluminum Gutter Covers

The purpose of a gutter protection system is to keep gutters clear of debris; therefore, you will have less amounts of dried leaves and twigs on your roof. They also allow you to use your time more wisely in other enjoyable activities instead of cleaning your gutters multiple times a year. 

Protecting your home from the possibility of a fire is very important. If you do not want to take the time to clean the gutters yourself or do not want to invest in aluminum gutter covers, then consider hiring a professional. The gutter experts at GutterPros take pride in their work and make sure their customers are satisfied with the work that has been completed. If you are looking for someone to install a gutter system or clean out your current ones, contact GutterPros today at (314) 656-7195. We would love to talk to you about all of your options we can provide for you!