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On the hunt for new gutters, but not sure which type to choose? Find out what makes them different.


Do you know it’s time to replace the beat-up rain gutters on your home? Do they look like they should have been on their way out yesterday? Maybe you’re experiencing problems like leaks and looking for something that will be more durable and reliable in the future.

It can be overwhelming to try to research your best options when you’re not well-versed in the type of product you’re looking at and can’t pick out the major differences to determine the deciding factors.
Gutter Pros takes pride in the quality of our products and services, but we understand wanting to know more before making a decision. For anyone on the fence about the type of rain gutters that would best suit your needs, check out a breakdown of our options below.


Rain gutters made of aluminum are a good choice of young and/or first-time homebuyers who want to save a bit of coin on their gutters. They’re affordable, but you won’t be compromising on quality by going with a “cheaper” option. And if you’re looking at a more affordable choice and plan to do maintenance yourself, they are fairly easy to clean out yourself, as long as you’re following the right safety protocols to avoid injuring yourself or damaging your gutters.

On top of their convenience, they can also withstand much of what Mother Nature will throw at them – literally. Aluminum is fairly weather resistant and while many other companies’ aluminum gutters may dent easily from flying debris, Gutter Pros use high quality aluminum to avoid this as much as possible.


Another option is copper, a material that can be extremely long-lasting – think up to 25 years, in some cases. One of the major upsides to copper gutters is their rust resistance. Some homeowners may consider copper’s tendency to change colors over time from exposure to the elements a drawback. For others, the added character can be an appealing prospect.

Half-round gutters

Like their name suggests, half-round gutters look like a pipe cut right down the middle. In addition to their good looks, this style is low maintenance. Water and debris flow easily through them because of their shape.

For homeowners looking for gutters without a huge cleaning and maintenance commitment, don’t worry – you won’t pay an exorbitant amount for the sake of convenience. Gutter Pros’ half-round gutters combine affordability, high quality and durability.

Gutter guards

For each of Gutter Pros’ gutter styles listed above, customers can also choose to have gutter guards installed to help protect gutters from leaves and other debris, decreasing the amount of time and attention your gutters require.

All of Gutter Pros’ options are high quality and installed under a five-year workmanship warranty.
If you’re still on the fence about which products and services would be the best fit for you and your home, technicians are available for free consultations to help you decide and walk you through the process.  Call us today for a quote 314.656.7194!