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Summer is the perfect time to check those tasks off on your to-do list.


The warm weather has officially arrived, and with it comes the chance to take care of all the tasks around the house that you’ve been putting off in recent months. Clear summer days are the perfect time to check items off your to-do lists yourself or schedule time for professionals to take a look.

Below, find tips about how to tackle what can often seem like an overwhelming mission at first.

Interior jobs

Take advantage of the next few months to the fullest by looking closely at what repairs or changes are needed around your property, both indoor and outdoor.

When it comes to the inside of your home, ask yourself: Are there any home improvement projects you would like to accomplish? How are your systems holding up? For example, look at how your heating and air conditioning and plumbing are performing and identify any issues that need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

Make a list and identify what tasks you may be able to handle yourself, versus which ones are likely to require a professional hand. The summer can be a busy time for many companies, so schedule any inspections, repairs, or jobs as soon as you have an idea of what needs to be done.

Exterior jobs

Now for the outside. There are tasks like cleaning windows or polishing porches and patios after months of chilly weather that any given homeowner likely has on their list.

Aside from spring and summer cleaning jobs, are there any major repairs that need to be scheduled and taken care of as soon as possible? Make sure to prioritize big projects like sprinkler systems, roofing problems, or rain gutter fixes.

Taking preventative measures like making sure your rain gutters are up to snuff ahead of the often unpredictable weather in the autumn and winter seasons is among the tasks that shouldn’t be overlooked. Are your gutters clogged, uneven, leaking, or even needing replacement? It’s better to address them and take care of basic maintenance like clearing downspouts before the next summer storm rolls through.

Easily repairable issues like uneven gutters or leaks are simple fixes, but issues like major leaks and damaged areas will require a tad more attention. Take advantage of Gutter Pros’ free inspections to find out what your gutters need to be in tip-top shape.

Planning ahead and preparation are key

Take time early on in the season to intentionally evaluate and make plans based on your property’s condition with an eye toward the future.

We want to make sure our homes are always in tip-top shape, but it is especially important to use the summer season to our advantage and prepare for the times of year when Mother Nature is not so kind. For example, considering whether gutter guards are the right choice for your gutters in anticipation of autumn is one item that should be on checklists as well.

Taking the time to plan ahead and check items off your to-do list well in advance can save you a major headache later on. Call Gutter Pros at 314.656.7194 and let us help you!