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3 Most Common Gutter Guard Fails


If you have a home that is surrounded by trees and foliage, you might have thought about installing a gutter guard. Every home is different and therefore its gutter needs may be different as well, depending on the type of roof you have and where your home is located. The climate that you live in, including the number of days of rain and sun your get each year, will also make a difference when it comes to your home’s gutter needs. Before you decide to spend money on gutter guards, learn about the top 3 reasons why gutter guards fail, and why you are better off spending time and money on a quality gutter plan with an expert gutter cleaning service.

Gutter Guards Cannot Keep Out Debris

When you see an advertisement for a product that will help prevent gutter cleaning, it is sure to sound tempting. However, no matter what any guard system claims, there isn’t a way to keep debris out of your gutters. Therefore, what is the point in investing money and time on something expensive and custom installation when the gutter guard won’t save you from having to clean them. Gutter guards can also cause a headache because they can make it more difficult to clean the debris that has collected in your gutters.

Gutter Guards Make It Harder to Clean Your Gutters

Yes, gutter guards might keep out large debris such as sticks, rocks, and leaves, but they will not keep out dirt and silt buildup. Small pieces of dried leaves or needles can still easily get washed into the gutters leaving a build-up of thick muck at the bottom of the gutter. Cleaning out dried pine needles and leaves may not be too much of a hassle, but cleaning out wet, black gunk is much harder, making is labor intensive and dangerous. By adding a gutter guard, you have now made sure that you will not be able to clean it yourself and that it will be more difficult for a professional to do it, as well.

Heavy Rains and Gutter Guards Are a Disaster

When there is a heavy downpour, water could simply run right over the top of your gutter guard system which will then cause your gutters to be useless. The whole purpose of your gutters is to make sure that no matter what the weather may be, rainwater will be guided away from your home’s walls, siding, basement, and foundation, all of which need to be kept dry. It is important to have regular gutter maintenance completed by a professional whose team of experts will make sure your gutters do not have any obstructions and are working correctly. Professional service will always surpass the performance of any gutter guard whose results may turn out negatively.

It is obvious that gutters are a vital part of your home and the decision whether or not to add a gutter guard can be overwhelming. However, trust the professionals who are highly trained and knowledgeable, such as those at GutterPros. We understand that gutters are very important to the health of your home and that choosing the right team to maintain them can feel overwhelming.
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