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What’s Lurking in Your Gutters?


Everybody knows that a variety of things can get trapped in gutters, including dirt, twigs, rocks, leaves, and pine needles. These things land on the roof of your house and travel into your gutters when rainwater washes them down. However, did you know there are other creepy crawlies that could be hiding in your gutters? You might be surprised as to what you will find in your gutters, including the following.

Mice and Other Rodents

Debris such as leaves, twigs, and pine needles that collect in a drainage system are the perfect materials for mice and other rodents to use to make their nests. During the fall and winter, mice and other rodents are searching for a warm place to build their nests. The leaves and twigs that are piled in your gutters make a great place for mice to bury themselves and stay warm. When there is a presence of mice and nests, snakes can become attracted to them as well as your home. These snakes could find their way into cracks and crevices of your house, meaning you might discover new occupants that have made your home their new home.


Birds are like mice, they find these piles of leaves, twigs, and needles that are gathered in your gutters to be the perfect place to make their nests. Even though birds are not as destructive as other unwanted visitors, their droppings can stain parts of your house that are greatly visible. Their nests can disrupt the effectiveness of your storm drainage system by obstructing the flow of water as well as add organic material that could weaken the strength of the materials. As a result, this can cause your gutters to burst at the seams. If birds decide to build a nest in your gutters and lay eggs, they could become territorial and aggressive.

Mosquitoes and Termites

Of all these pests, mosquitoes might be the easiest to see. However, they are easily the least damaging to your home. When there is stagnant water nearby, there will be mosquitoes because it is their ideal breeding ground. This includes any water that has collected in your gutters due to a clog. Having a mosquito infestation around the outside of your house can create a lot of misery to you and your family.

Since gutters are not made of wood, termites will not eat away at them. However, they will gladly enjoy eating the fascia board that your gutters are connected to. The damage that termites cause can be especially detrimental because you will probably not know it is an issue until they have created major damage that will cost a lot to repair.

Squirrels and Chipmunks

Do you have trees surrounding your home that are close enough that the branches reach your gutters? If so, you probably have an issue with squirrels on your roof and gutters. Just like with mice, gutters make a great place for squirrels to escape to get away from predators such as foxes. If you keep branches trimmed back at least three feet away from your house and gutters, then you can stop squirrels and chipmunks from climbing on your roof. Chipmunks can be a real problem to your gutter system because gutters are the right size for a chipmunk’s body. When rodents build nests in your gutters, they will most likely build them in the downspouts. This will always lead to clogs and overflowing. Chipmunks are also small enough to get themselves stuck in the downspouts and die, which will lead to a foul-smelling odor that can attract bugs that will eat their carcass.

Whether it is the warmth of spring and summer months, or the cool crispness of fall and winter, you never want to be surprised by any inhabitants taking up residence in your gutters. Call GutterPros today to set up a time to get your gutters cleaned so you don’t have to worry about those pesky pets causing damage to your home.