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Rain Gutters: Why They Are a Good Investment


Spring is here and summer is on its way, which means Mother Nature will be creating many rainstorms. Depending on the severity of the storms, you may experience a lot of damage due to the rain, some of which you can prevent from happening.

Rain gutters are a very important addition to your house. Not only will rain gutters provide many benefits for years to come, but they will also protect your possessions from getting wet and stop damage from happening to your home. Rain gutters can also save you money and maintenance down the road. Investing in rain gutters is a smart choice for any homeowner who wants to protect their home.

Installing rain gutters is an investment, just like any other home improvement project. However, it is worth the money since it is a necessity on rainy days. The following are top notch reasons why you should not ignore installing gutters.

Keep People Dry

There are not many people who enjoy getting soaked as they walk in and out of their house due to water falling off the rooftop. One job that gutters take care of is collecting rain from your roof and bringing it down to the ground without it going all over the place. The purpose of gutters is to guide the rain away from your roof and onto the ground in a controlled manner.

Avoid Basement Flooding

If your house does not have gutters, water can collect around the foundation of your home, make its way through cracks into the basement, and cause flooding. Gutters transfer water away from the house into drains and lower ground to stop uncontrollable seepage. A downspout, which is a curved piece attached to the end of the gutter, dumps water onto a splash block. This block sits on the ground, slows down the force of the water that is coming out, and guides it safely away from the home’s base.

Create a Neater Look

When water flows against your home, it can make your house unattractive by splashing dirt and residue against the siding. Over a period, this can cause your home to look dirty, making you clean up the mess one too many times than you would like to. It can also cause the paint on your house to chip away, which means you will eventually need to repaint the exterior of your house. Gutters help decrease this problem by collecting rain, keeping your house looking new.

Prevent Decay

Some people’s home’s exterior and roof are lined with tar paper and plywood, which are not 100% waterproof. Due to the fact that the siding and shingles are applied in pieces over these materials, gaps may appear and shift over time. Therefore, water could ultimately sneak under them. When water leaks in, siding and roofs that are soaked with too much water can start to become weak and rot. The materials can ultimately decompose and crack, causing your house to fall apart over time. Rain gutters direct water away from your house preventing these problems and keeping your home together.

Guard Against Mold

When your house collects too much moisture, it is likely mold will begin to grow in unwanted places because of the humidity and weak ventilation. When water is able to leak inside the walls, the drywall acts as a food source and a hot spot for mold growth. If not treated the correct way, mold can be hard to get rid of and toxic to your home. Rain gutters reduce the amount of water getting into your home, and therefore, decreases the chance of mold development.

Eliminate Insects

Since mosquitoes, termites, and other pests are attracted to damp areas and standing water, it is important to install gutters so they can guide the water away from your home. Otherwise, it can become a very attractive place for bugs to migrate to, which can be unpleasant and annoying, and they can start eating away at your home. With the addition of gutters and enclosed downspouts that will guide water away from the roof and your home, you are able to decrease the chances of standing water and the amount of pest around your house.

Protect Landscaping

Landscaping can be the essence of your yard. It makes your house attractive, adds value to your home, and can create a relaxing environment. Pools of water that collect on your roof will most likely run off into your yard if you do not have gutters. As a result, damage can be done to your landscape by these heavy flows of water. Also, when there are large amounts of water, the soil can erode which can cause your home’s foundation to weaken. By adding rain gutters, you can control how much water is passed into your yard, which is good for your grass, plants, and vegetation.

Whether you are needing to replace your current gutter system or add one to your home, it can be a hefty cost upfront. However, by adding a gutter system you are investing in your home and protecting your landscape. If you are interested in installing gutters or have questions, contact GutterPros at (314) 656-7195. We have 14 years of experience in installing gutters and take pride in our expertise. We put our customers first to make sure they are satisfied with the results!