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Half-Round Gutters


Have you ever wondered what half-round gutters are? Half-round gutters are a half circle with curled top outer edges on both sides. In some instances, the curled top outer edge may only be on one side. Half-round gutters come in different colors, in sections or seamless finish, and in materials including galvanized steel, copper, aluminum, and vinyl. This offers you the opportunity to customize them and keep your house looking elegant.

Half-round gutters are a great option to protect your property and are sophisticated and elegant. In order for your house to stay in the best shape, you need a gutter system that works properly to stop leaks from being created and clogs from forming. With a properly functioning gutter system, your roof and foundation will be safe from water damage.

If you are thinking of adding a gutter system to your house or updating the one you already have, knowing the advantages of half-round gutters may help you make your decision.

Advantages of Half-Round Gutters

Maximum Customization

Half-round gutters offer a stylish and classic look, along with high performance, to your house. If your house already has an elegant curb appeal, then half-round gutters are an excellent option for you. The price of half-round gutters vary, depending on the material; therefore, they fit any budget. The many options of materials, colors and sizes that are available give you the chance to customize them without affecting how they work.


Half-round gutters are very efficient and long-lasting. Due to their round shape with no beards, rainwater and debris are able to flow easily all the way down. Half-round gutters that are made of copper, steel, or aluminum are known to last more than 20 years, as long as you maintain regular maintenance. Due to their smooth design without edges where wetness can form, half-round gutters are very strong and less likely to rust.

Seamless Option

Choosing a seamless design will offer you the protection of a single piece of material that is cut to the precise length that your home needs. This seamless option does not need joints or fasteners which can sag over time and create leaks in your gutters. It also decreases the chance for debris accumulation which would eventually clog the gutters causing overflow. Seamless gutters also gives your home a pleasant finish with high-quality protection. This makes it a great choice for residential or commercial buildings.

Low Maintenance

After your gutter system is installed, the most important thing to remember is to keep up on the maintenance. Half-round gutters are easy to keep clean and free of debris, will have less clogging, and are less likely to corrode. If you notice repairs need to be done, do not overlook them and put it off for another day. Tend to the issues right away to avoid any future costly repairs.

When there are advantages, you can usually expect some disadvantages. Afterall, nothing is perfect. When it comes to half-round gutters, a few of their drawbacks include the following:

  • They can be a little more expensive than standard gutters
  • They do require professional installation
  • They are a heavier type of gutter

Choosing which type of gutter may be overwhelming due to the variety of materials, colors, accessories, features, and sizes. However, with the help of GutterPros, your anxiety about choosing the right one will be at ease. The staff at GutterPros will make sure you are satisfied with the type of gutter you choose and guarantee your property will be protected with the proper installation. Call us today at (314) 656-7195 to schedule an appointment for a consultation with one of our staff members.