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Top 7 Gutter Problems


When you think of the exterior of your house, you normally do not automatically think about the gutters. However, you might want to start paying attention to them because when your gutters begin to not work properly, it can cause frustration and many headaches. In other words, they become a major hassle. Gutters that malfunction create pools of water on the ground and foundation problems, along with expensive repairs. Here’s the good news. By staying proactive and keeping an eye on your gutters, you can stop major gutter problems from happening. The following are the most common gutter problems you want to watch out for.

Problem #1: Leaks

Let’s face it, leaks can happen to anyone. Once a gutter has a leak, major issues can begin to occur if you do not do something about it right away. There are many reasons a gutter can get a leak, including loose fasteners. Gutters that are attached to the roof with items such as hangers or screws, then they can fall out over time. When water travels off the roof, it can run over the back edge of the gutter and the fascia boards. A couple other culprits of a leaky gutter are cracks and holes. You can find these where fasteners go through the metal.

Problem #2: Gutter Joint Separation

When gutters begin to pull apart from each other, it is most likely due to clogs and the accumulation of debris. The joint areas of the gutters become weak and prone to separation because of the weight of the water and clogs.

Problem #3: Improper Slope

Unless you are an expert in gutters, you most likely do not think about the slope of your gutters. The slope of your gutters is very important to how well the system functions. An incorrect slope can cause many issues. The gutter slope is also known as the pitch. It is how much the gutters slant downward to direct where the water flows. If you have an incorrect slope that isn’t positioned right, water will pool in the system and overflow down the sides. If the gutter slope is slanted too sharply, then the gutters are not able to work at full capacity.

Problem #4: Bad Downspout Draining

Your gutters are not the only thing that needs to be sloped at a specific angle. Your downspouts need precise direction, too. When downspouts release water too close to your house, it can cause pooling of water around your house, as well.

Problem #5: Gardens Growing in Your Gutter

When gutters accumulate debris, seeds, and bird droppings, plants can begin to grow in your gutter system. If your home receives sunlight along with a lot of rain, then you will have your own gutter garden without you trying. Having vegetation in your gutters is not something you want because it can weigh down your gutters and cause the joints to separate or clog the whole system.

Problem #6: Ice Dams

Living in a cold climate, you can expect snow and ice. Ice dams are a very serious problem with gutters. Ice dams are caused by snow melting off your roof and collecting in the gutters. The water freezes as soon as it touches the gutters and ice starts to accumulate created the ice dam. Ice dams can result in weighing down your gutters and pulling them away from your house. Not only will you need to have them repaired, but you will also need to make sure your fix your roof and insulate your attic correctly to avoid any future problems.

Problem #7: Clogged Gutters

Gutters can become clogged very easily, especially if you have a lot of trees around your house. You will find a lot of leaves, pine needles, insects and other plant life in your gutters. As a result, water is unable to flow through the gutters the right way which causes your gutters to become clogged. This can add a lot of weight to the gutter system, creating cracks, separation in the joints, gutter gardens, and many other issues.

If you become anxious just thinking about water damaging your yard, the foundation, or basement, then give GutterPros a call today at (314) 656-7195. We can clean out your gutters and help you determine whether or not your gutters are experiencing any of the top seven gutter problems. If they are, our expert staff will come up with a solution to make sure your home is protected.