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How Gutters Can Affect Your Home’s Foundation


When you think about foundation issues, you usually think about poor construction, changes in the soil, or even pest infestation. However, the main reason for wet basements and the need for foundation repair is clogged gutters that are not working properly. When gutters are not well-maintained, then leaking from cracks and gutter overflow will continuously trickle down the side of your house causing damage in your home’s foundation. Unfortunately, you will not notice any issues until the damage has already been done.

Gutters may add a nice aesthetic to your home, but that’s not their main job. Gutters are installed on your roof to collect water and move it toward the ground, putting it in a drain or allowing it to go further into the yard away from your house. Without gutters, water could run down the side of your house and land on the ground. This also happens when your gutters are clogged. The water that was supposed to flow into a drain moves over the side of the gutter and into the ground instead, causing the start of any damage to the foundation.

Water Damage to Your Foundation

Making sure that your gutters are clear of any debris is very important. Water, however, does not think twice as it flows through the tiniest cracks in your gutter at broken joints, over clogs, and around gutters that have slipped out of place. Water will flow down the side of your house and soak your lawn and create a pool around your home’s foundation. This can cause two major problems, along with several other possible issues. When a pool of water along with saturated soil is formed around the foundation of your home, a massive amount of pressure is created on the sides of your house. If this goes left untreated, the pressure may cause the lower walls and basement to push inward or crack. Once the water begins to diminish or dry up in the warmer months, the soil could start to erode causing the foundation to settle, which in turn can cause floors to become uneven and cracks in your home’s walls and chimney to form. Since water is able to go wherever it can, the cracks in the foundation and walls means that water can get into your home, leading to flooding and mold growth.

The quality of your gutter system will help deter any damage from happening to the foundation of your home. Simply having a gutter system alone doesn’t mean your home is safe from cracks, pools of water, soil erosion, or a settling foundation. Your gutter system needs to be properly installed and well-maintained.

Any home repair is never cheap. You want to make sure your house is in tip-top shape so you do not run into any big financial responsibilities due to a lack of yearly maintenance. Gutter Pros takes pride in making sure our customers are well-taken care of and get the help they need in order to keep their house looking great. Cleaning out gutters is one of the services we provide that is affordable and quick. Call us today at (314) 656-7195 to schedule an appointment to get your gutters cleaned out before it’s too late.