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Make Your House Stand Out with Copper Gutters


If you’re like most people, you spend a considerable amount of time trying to think up ways to improve your home and make it more uniquely yours. While it is possible to do this in several ways, installing copper gutters can be a functional and elegant addition to your home.

An Aesthetic Investment

Copper is a lovely and shiny brown metal with some truly amazing properties. Historically it was used to make functional items such as cooking vessels, but it is also touted for its beauty and quality.

Indoors, it can be used in water fixtures or ornamentation, and on the exterior, it can be cast into statues for landscaping or used to accent the beauty of the home. Bright copper gutters on the exterior of homes provide a striking and beautiful outline.

Installing copper gutters can instantly make your home stand out. While being aesthetically pleasing, these gutters are higher quality and heavier than their steel and aluminum counterparts which will most certainly be appreciated when assessing the value of your home!

Copper gutters age well too! At first, they are quite reflective, but eventually they become a lovely mint green color after being exposed to the elements for a few years. This color matches well with most homes and continues to be unique and beautiful!

Copper Gutter Pros and Cons

Copper gutters are typically higher quality than steel and aluminum gutters which are mass-produced cheaply. Copper gutters are a much rarer find in houses today, and typically companies make them with the utmost care. The downside of this careful production is that copper gutters are more expensive than gutters made from other materials.

Copper gutters oxidize and turn green as they age- this change in style from bright brown to a matte mint-green may be unsettling for some people, and it is nearly impossible to prevent this from happening. However, the greenness that comes with age is appreciated and thought to be aesthetic by many people.

Should You Install Copper Gutters?

There are many benefits to installing gutters of any kind as they provide a way to direct rainwater away from your home. Rain can cause damage to your siding, basement, and foundation if it is not able to be transported elsewhere. Gutters help prevent erosion to the ground and damage to your home by allowing the water to soak into the ground more gently, away from anything it could damage.

Copper gutters can provide this same damage prevention with even more style. They are a well-made and heavy-duty addition to your home’s exterior. Functionality and curb-appeal are both very important aspects to consider when improving your home and copper gutters are the best of both worlds!

Your home should be beautiful in your eyes, and copper gutters can be a long-lasting and elegant way to make it even more pleasing to the eye!

Final Thoughts

It is extremely important to have a rain management system in your home to avoid the risks associated with rain damage- gutters are an excellent way to keep it safe from harm. Copper gutters can take that up a notch by making your home look extraordinary!