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Keep Your Business Safe: A Gutter Necessity

You absolutely love your business, and you’ve invested so much time and money into it that you would do anything to protect it. You already know there are many risks when it comes to owning a business, but it may surprise you that rain is one of them.

While rain does not seem inherently threatening, it can pose a big risk to your business in the form of costly repairs associated with water damage. A simple way to prevent this type of harm to your business is by installing gutters!

Benefits of Installing Gutters

Gutters are a simple series of open pipes that can prevent thousands of dollars worth of repair bills to your business. Gutters funnel rainwater from the roof of your business to a place where the water can safely reenter the ground. If water is not directed away from your business, it may cause foundation damage.

Standing water is one of the main problems businesses without gutters face- the water from the roof of the business falls onto the ground creating an indentation that will eventually grow and fill with water. This standing water is a huge risk to buildings of all shapes, sizes, and materials. It can cause damage to foundations, siding, and walls by slowly cracking and weakening them.

Gutters can prevent this damage by preventing the water from flowing down the sides of your business and guiding it somewhere that it can be safely absorbed into the ground. Gutters can also prevent the growth of mold and mildew on the exterior and interior of your business.

Commercial vs. Residential Gutters

Commercial gutters are typically made for functionality, so there is not a large variety of styles to choose from, but they are extremely effective. Commercial Gutters may differ from residential gutters in size and placement.

Typically, residential gutters come in a variety of shapes and colors to match a home’s exterior, but most of the time they only come in one size. Residential gutters are typically 5″ wide, and this is big enough for most homes, but businesses typically have larger roofs. The increased surface area of commercial roofs causes more water to be captured. Commercial gutters are made larger to take care of this excess water, they are typically 6″ wide, but can be larger depending on the business.

Residential gutters are almost always placed on the very edge of the roof, but commercial gutters may be located further down the side of the building depending on the shape of the roof. For buildings with flat roofs, there are drains in the roof that funnel water to the gutter which typically rests on the side of the building. For buildings with sloped roofs, gutters will be placed in a similar location to the residential variety.

How To Get Gutters for Your Business

The best way to get gutters installed at your business is to contact a professional who has experience working with large scale gutter work. This is an important investment, and it is crucial that it be done right.

Commercial gutters are typically produced in two shapes, box, and k-style. The shape is primarily a stylistic choice, but box gutters can transport more water at one time than any other shape. Consulting with a professional will allow you to choose the most effective and aesthetic type of gutter for your business.

Final Thoughts

Gutters are a low maintenance and long-lasting way to prevent serious damage to your property. They are a good investment to protect your peace of mind and financial security. Contact a professional if your business needs gutters, and they will be happy to help protect your business!