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How Copper Gutters Improve Your Home


Gutters are rarely the focal point of a home.   They’re designed to do a simple yet important job, to collect rainwater and drain it away from the home to prevent costly water damage.  People usually choose gutters and downspouts that blend into the home’s siding because they’re generally not overly attractive and in fact, they’re kind of boring and people don’t want them to stand out.  

But what if your gutters didn’t have to be boring?  What if they could be a charming feature that adds to the beauty of your home and as well as character to your home’s architectural design?

They can.  Copper gutters give an old-fashioned charm to your home.  The shiny copper color when they’re new really makes a house stand out among the rest.  Over time, approximately 6 years, the copper turns a pleasing green-blue patina that is especially enchanting on older homes.  And if you prefer the copper color, you could have your gutters sealed every few years to prevent the oxidation that changes its color.  There are also a lot of options to make your copper gutters even more unique with decorative downspouts, hoppers, fasteners, rain chains, and brackets that will make your gutters a work of art.  You can even get copper leaf protection to keep leaves and debris out and make the maintenance of your gutters even easier.  

When it comes to most things in life, you get what you pay for and this goes for your gutters too.   Other options like aluminum and vinyl can last around 20 years before they need replacement and are relatively inexpensive.  Copper gutters, on the other hand, are much more of an investment but you’ll probably never have to replace your gutters again.  With proper maintenance, copper gutters can last more than a hundred years!  How’s that for long-lasting?  Copper gutters are well worth the investment and when you consider how long they last, you’re really not paying much more than cheaper gutters.   

Copper gutters will withstand the test of time if installed properly.  Because working with copper can be tricky and require soldering of all seams, it’s important to have them installed by experienced professionals who are skilled in the installation of copper gutters.  Did you know that the oils from your fingers can discolor your copper gutters?  The professionals do and will take the right precautions to avoid this.   

Copper gutters have been used for hundreds of years and are truly a historic home feature that’s gaining in popularity with homeowners and business owners today.  

If you’re looking for beautiful gutters, don’t trust the installation to just anyone.  Not all gutter technicians are created equal and just because they install gutters, it doesn’t mean they have the knowledge and experience to install copper gutters the right way.  The technicians at GutterPros are experienced in all forms of gutters, from copper gutters to commercial gutters to leaf protection to everything in between and, as always, customer satisfaction is our priority.  Call GutterPros today at (314) 656-7195 and see how copper gutters can transform your home into a thing of beauty.