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Those Summer Storms Are Rollin’ In

Now that spring has come and gone, it’s time for some sun, swimming, and summer relaxation.  Gardens are planted, the A/C is up and running, and school’s out.  What better time to think about leaf protection?

“Leaf protection?” you say.  “But leaves aren’t falling yet!”

True enough.  But clogged gutters aren’t just a fall thing.  If you have trees anywhere near your home as most people do, your gutters are always at risk of having leaves and debris fall in them.  

Summer Storms

 Summertime can bring harsh rainstorms that can knock down sticks and branches that can get stuck in your gutters or downspouts.  Once those leaves do begin to fall, the clog begins to form, and clogged gutters lead to overflowing gutters, water damage, and even insect infestation.  They also reduce the life of your gutters because the weight of a clog with water can be enough to cause sagging and breakage.

Before you have leaf protection installed, your gutter professional will clean your gutters to make sure there’s nothing in them and they’ll also inspect them to make sure there isn’t any damage that needs to be repaired.  


Gutter guards vary in expense and as with many things in life, you get what you pay for.     

Foam and Brush Guards

Both foam and brush gutter guards are the cheapest of all leaf protection.  Foam guards are foam tubes that are not unlike pool noodles.  They’re cut to size and placed in your gutters, allowing water to flow through while keeping leaves and debris out.  The main problem with them is that the material tends to deteriorate quickly in the sun.  

Brush guards have bristles like on a ‘70s Christmas tree and like foam guards, they are cut to size and placed within the gutters.  Unfortunately, the bristles sometimes work like tiny spikes that impale leaves instead of repelling them.  

Micro Mesh and Perforated Aluminum Guards

Micro Mesh and Perforated Aluminum Guards are thin sheets of metal with small holes punched in them that are big enough to let water in and small enough to keep everything else out.  They work well and are the most popular form of leaf protection.  However, it’s important to make sure that if your roof is under warranty, having gutter guards isn’t going to void it because these kinds of guards may need to be attached under your shingles.  

Reverse Curve Gutter Guards

Reverse curve gutter guards are a unique idea.  They hang over the top of your gutters and use the cohesive properties of water as it runs over the edge of the guard and into the gutters.  As the water streams over and under and into the gutter, any leaves or debris falls over the edge and onto the ground.  They work well but needles sometimes cling to the water and make it into the gutter so if you live in an area with a lot of trees that drop needles, you may want to try something different.

The good news is that we don’t take the summer off at Gutter Pros.  We’re busy installing gutters for commercial, industrial,  and residential properties, cleaning gutters, and installing leaf protection all over the St. Louis area.  We’re ready whenever you are to find the right type of leaf protection for your property.  Call us today at (314)656-7195 and let us find the right solution for you!