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Spring Has Sprung: Spring Cleaning for Commercial Properties

As winter slowly melts away into memory and spring flowers begin to peek up through the thawing ground, we turn our focus from keeping warm to the mess that Old Man Winter left behind.  Sticks, sand, and debris scatter the landscape, leaving your commercial property looking beat down and dirty.  It’s time for some spring cleaning to brighten things up and here are some areas that could probably use a little attention.

Windows.  Undoubtedly, your windows have a layer of grime on them that makes it seem like the blinds are closed.  A window-cleaning company can have them so clean that you could eat off them―err, see through them―in no time.  You’ll be amazed at how much clean windows can brighten up the place!

Clean the parking lots.  During the winter months, parking lots get coated with sand and salt, leaving behind an ugly mess in the spring that gets tracked into your building with each employee.  Give your parking lots a good sweeping and clear away all the dirt.  Be sure to do it during off-hours so you can be thorough.

Wash the walkways.  Use a power washer to clean all of the walkways that lead to your business.  The last thing you want is for customers to walk through dirty parking lots and walkways to get to your business.  Your exterior is a reflection of your company.  Do you want their first impression to be of a sloppy and careless business or a neat, organized, proud company?

Wash the siding.  Although this may not have to be done every year, it may be time to power wash your building’s siding.  Dirt and grime build up over the years and make your siding look old and worn out.  A good power washing can leave your siding looking refreshed and new.

Rake everything.  Landscaping companies usually include some kind of spring cleaning in their contract.  Lawns need to be raked, flower beds need to be raked, and areas around trees and shrubs need to be raked.  They may also include getting your sprinkler system out of hibernations and ready for the season.  Spring cleanup readies your commercial property for spring plantings.

Clean your gutters.  If you don’t have leaf protection on your gutters, they spent all winter collecting leaves, sticks, and other debris, especially larger box gutters.  A professional gutter company like GutterPros remove all that filth, and that employee that you were going to send up on a rickety ladder to clean out the muck will thank you.  Seriously, it’s better to leave it to the fully-insured professionals rather than a groundskeeper in your employ.

The gutter professionals will also inspect your gutters for dents or damage that may need to be repaired.  It’s probably a good time to talk to them about leaf protection while they’re doing their inspection.  While they don’t have to be cleaned as often as gutters without protection, they will need to be cleaned periodically and will save money in the long run.  You’ll also decrease the likelihood of having a clog that leads to costly water damage to your siding, windows, foundation, and surrounding walkways.

If you need your commercial gutters cleaned and repaired or you’d like to replace them, Gutter Pros can help.  Our commercial gutter services are affordable, professional, and we always use high-quality materials.  Call Gutter Pros today and (314)656-7195 and we’ll help you jump start your commercial property spring cleaning!