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What’s So Great About Copper Gutters?

There are many reasons why when it comes to replacing the gutters on their home, people choose copper gutters.  First, and most obvious, is their attractiveness.  Copper gutters can dramatically change the character and beauty of your home.  When they’re first installed, the shiny-penny color gives a burst of color and glow which oxidizes over time and fades into a lovely green, old-world patina.  Homes with copper gutters have a lot of curb appeal and stand out above the rest.  When you have copper gutters, your house will definitely turn heads.

Copper is the oldest metal used by humans.  Originally used to make exquisite jewelry and hand tools, copper was the most widely used metal in the ancient world.  It was used to make chisels to form the blocks that make up the Great Pyramids.  It’s been used to cover the hulls of ships like the U.S.S. Constitution because it is strong and is resistant against corrosion.  It covers roofs, is used in computers and surgical equipment, and we even have copper in our bodies to work with iron to form red blood cells.  Copper is everywhere.

While copper isn’t the strongest metal, copper gutters are strong enough to withstand the harshest storms and resist damage from debris.  Copper gutters are installed with copper hangers and by soldering all of the seams which adds to their durability.  One needs only look at the Statue of Liberty to see how well copper stands up to the elements as she has stood strong in the middle of New York Harbor since 1886.

Aside from being strong, copper is an excellent conductor of electricity, distributes heat evenly, and is antibacterial.  The antibacterial quality of copper gutters will help to prevent mold and mildew from forming in your gutters.  Copper resists corrosion like nobody’s business and when copper gutters are professionally installed on your home, you’ll probably never have to replace your gutters again.  If properly maintained, they can last more than a hundred years!

As a natural resource, copper doesn’t contain artificial materials and are easily recyclable.  Because they’re not cheap like vinyl, they’ll never be thrown into a landfill making them truly a green building material!

If it’s time to replace your gutters, it’s hard to go wrong with copper gutters.  They’re beautiful and strong, and although copper is more expensive than other materials used for gutters, they’re durability and longevity will give you your money’s worth. You could go with a cheaper material but you’ll likely have to replace it after 20 years.  It’s important to have a professional install your copper gutters, and the more experience they have, the better.  If you’d like to find out more about having copper gutters installed on your home, call Gutter Pros. At Gutter Pros, we’re experts in all gutters and have the knowledge and experience to install your copper gutters the right way. We’re the leaders in commercial gutters, copper gutters, and leaf protection in the St. Louis area. Call GutterPros today at (314) 656-7195.