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Commercial Gutters: Industrial Services

Commercial properties come in a multitude of sizes, styles, shapes, and materials as do their roofs.  A commercial roof can be a pitched roof with asphalt shingles, it can have a flat metal or concrete roof, or it can even have a green roof covered with plants and grass.  Industrial businesses like warehouses, distribution centers, and factories are generally so large they require a flat roof with a complex drainage system to prevent stormwater from building up and causing damage.  They’re often made of metal such as galvanized steel or aluminum, layers of tar and gravel, thermoplastics, or PVC.  No matter what the material, it needs proper drainage.


Scuppers are channels along the wall at the edge of a roof that allow water to drain away.  Scuppers were originally designed for ships to keep thrashing waves from sinking them and are equally as important for industrial buildings to protect them from water building up on a roof.  Pooling water can be extraordinarily heavy and can be dangerous to a building or its occupants if it accumulates on a roof.  Even small amounts of water can cause leaks and deterioration that can be a huge expense to the property owner.  Scuppers are common and when installed as they were originally designed―to shoot water off the roof through spouts like the gargoyle water spouts on Notre Dame Cathedral―they rarely clog.  However, they are often used with downspouts running down the side of the building instead which makes them more susceptible to clogging.

Internal Drains

Drains can be installed on commercial roofs that are completely internal and work like the drain in your sink or shower.  They work well but can clog without a strainer on the roof to keep out debris.  Their main downside is that maintenance and repairs are expensive because the system is entirely internal.


Depending on the roof, gutters can be used on their own or in conjunction with scuppers to drain the water away from a building.  They tend to be much larger than residential ones and are usually box-style gutters that work well to handle the large volume of water that can run off an industrial building during a storm.  With proper installation and maintenance, gutters are an efficient way to manage stormwater runoff for industrial and other commercial buildings.


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