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Rain Chains and Other Ornamentals For Your Copper Gutters

Installing copper gutters can bring out your home’s beauty and unique character.  While they look stylish on their own, there are many other features and embellishments that you can add to your gutters and to your home that will give its exterior a cohesive and gorgeous look.   

Rain Chains

Rain chains have become popular fixtures in the U.S. in recent years but they are hardly new.  They’ve been used in Japan for hundreds of years to collect rain from the roof into ceramic bowls or rain barrels for use in the home or garden.  They can be simple single or double-loop chains or more ornate with lotus flowers or small cups along the chain that collect water and guide it down the chain.  Cup designs are more efficient and splash less than others as their open bottoms allow them to work like funnels as they guide water to the barrel.  

Rain chains are installed at the gutter where the downspout is normally attached.  It is connected through a small hole and sometimes adaptations need to be used.  

Chimney Caps

Chimney Caps cover your chimney to keep debris from falling into your chimney and keeps critters from setting up camp in there.  Copper chimney caps are particularly stunning and really draw the eye to the top of a building.


You don’t need to have a barn to have a weathervane.  The first weathervanes were made of bronze but copper weathervanes have become a common choice today. Weathervanes give a personality to the building but can also reflect the personality of the homeowner.  They come in traditional styles such as monogrammed banners, whales, or horses but can be more personalized designs such as motorcycles, golfers, dragons, or fishermen. The styles of weathervanes are virtually limitless and are the cherry on top of a house with character!  

Rainwater Hoppers

Also called hopper heads, these rainwater collectors help increase the flow of water into the downspouts.  They’re usually funnel or box-shaped and can be simple or more ornamental.

Copper Mounts and Hangers

Copper mounts and hangers should always be used with copper gutters.  Other materials can corrode and cause discoloration to the copper gutters but copper attachments look better and provide continuity.  Designs for mounts and hangers can be basic or they can be ornate and more stylish.

Copper gutters are an investment in your home.  They’re more expensive but their durability and long life make them a wise choice.  If properly maintained copper gutters can last a century. Copper gutters should always be installed by a professional who has a lot of experience installing them, like GutterPros of St. Louis.  The technicians at GutterPros have installed and maintained many copper gutters so they know how to handle them and how to design their setup to not only be effective and functional but also to look beautiful and make architectural features stand out.  Adding copper ornaments to your home and gutters is a great way to create an exterior to your home that is a standout in your neighborhood.  

GutterPros can install your copper gutters the right way the first time.  The technicians at GutterPros do all things gutter, from copper gutters to commercial gutters to leaf protection to everything in between and as always, customer satisfaction is our priority.  Call GutterPros today at (314) 656-7195 and see how copper gutters can transform your home.