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Guard Those Gutters!

As the days grow short, the air becomes crisp, and the neighborhood squirrels hide acorns in a winter-prep frenzy, you might think it’s too late to do anything about all those leaves filling your gutters.

It’s not!

Leaf protection can be installed even when the leaves are falling all around.  And once gutter guards are installed, you won’t have to worry about leaf buildup and all of the problems it brings.

Problem Leaves

Leaves are a huge problem in your gutters for one reason:  clogs.  Clogged gutters and downspouts may seem like a mere nuisance but leaves in your gutters can lead to some costly repairs to your home.  

Foundation Problems.  When clogged gutters can’t drain water properly, water overflows onto the ground below.  This leads to erosion which weakens foundation walls and causes cracks to form. In colder months, water gets into the cracks, freezing and expanding the cracks, and before you know it, you’ve got a flooded basement.  

Leaks.  As water overflows your clogged gutters and runs down the side of your house, water finds its way in through seams in your doors and windows.   It can cause wooden fascia boards and window and door frames to rot and need to be replaced. Anytime there are leaks in your home, the risk of mold is increased.  

Broken Gutters.  Even if your gutters are new, they may not be able to withstand the weight of the water that builds up in them because of a clog.  Fasteners can come loose, gutters can sag or break and will need to be replaced.  

Infestations.  Built-up leaves and debris make perfect breeding grounds for many insects such as bees, wasps, and ants, and if water is trapped, you’re likely to have a mosquito nursery move in.  Birds, mice, lizards, and even snakes have been known to hang out in your gutters amongst the leaves. Sometimes, seeds make their way in there and begin to grow, and before you know it, you’ve got yourself a gutter garden!  (not a good thing) Hiring an exterminator to remove pests can be costly.

Guard Against Clogs  

With the right leaf protection, these problems are virtually eliminated and along with them the need for seasonal cleanings.  You’ll still need cleanings but not nearly as often.  

There are several leaf protection options available.  There are inexpensive kinds that are simply cut to size and placed in your gutters and are bristle brush styles or foam tubes.  They’re not a great solution because leaves can stick to the bristles and foam tends to deteriorate rather quickly out in the elements but they’re better than nothing.

A better choice would be Solid Gutter Covers or Reverse Curve Gutter Guards.  These are sheets of metal that attach at the roof and hang over your gutters, allowing water to flow over the curve and into the gutters.  Leaves fall off over the edge instead of going in the gutter. These work best where pine needles aren’t a problem because they can stick to the surface of the water and clog the gutters.  


The option that works on both leaves and needles is Micro Mesh or Perforated Aluminum Guards.  They are attached on top of your gutters and have holes that allow water to flow in while keeping leaves out.  

Whatever form of leaf protection you choose, Gutter Pros can help.  GutterPros is a full-service gutter company that specializes in commercial gutters, copper gutters, and leaf protection.  Our technicians can clean and inspect your gutters and install the right leaf protection that will guard those gutters! Call Gutter Pros at (314)656-7195 and schedule an appointment today.