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Be the Envy of the Neighborhood with Copper Gutters

You probably have that one neighbor who has a lush, green lawn that is always cut to the perfect length and looks like a thick carpet. Then, of course, there’s the one with the perfectly squared-off hedges that line his property. And who could forget the one at the end of the block who always has a 500,000-light Christmas display that people come from far and wide to see?

You, too, can be the envy of your neighborhood by making a simple yet dramatic change to your home―copper gutters.

A home with copper gutters has instant curb appeal. Some people may want their gutters to not be noticed and have downspouts that are the same color as their home to camouflage them. Copper gutters and downspouts are not for these people. Copper gutters are no shrinking violet. They make a big statement, and that statement is, “Look how beautiful I am!” Copper gutters become a focal point that perfectly compliments the charm and character of your home. Whether you have an older house or a more modern home, copper gutters can give your house a look that’s old-fashioned yet surprisingly timeless.

When your copper gutters are first installed, they are bright copper like a new shiny penny. Over time, that penny color turns a lovely green patina that people love.

Your neighbors will wonder how you could afford the extravagance of copper gutters but here’s a secret: they’re not really more expensive. Initially, yes, they are. Copper gutters can cost anywhere from $8-$10 per linear foot, compared to $4-$8 per linear foot for aluminum and $3-$5 per linear foot for vinyl. But copper gutters have the most durability and strength of any material used in gutters today and if maintained, copper gutters can last a century! You may pay more upfront but your copper gutters will likely be the last gutters you’ll ever have to buy for your home.

Installation of copper gutters should be left to the professionals who are experienced with handling them. They require soldering and oils from the skin can cost the copper to discolor. A copper gutter expert will install your gutters with copper fasteners and fittings that will make your house a real showstopper. And if you’d like to keep the copper color, your gutters can be sealed regularly to keep the patina from developing.

With copper gutters adding beauty and interest to your home’s exterior, you’ll no longer have to live in the shadow of someone with a perfect lawn. Your house will be the talk of the neighborhood.
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