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Why Do I Need Gutters on my Commercial Property?

Commercial gutters serve the same function as residential ones―they direct the flow of rainwater away from your building.  Without them, water would flow off your roof in heavy streams that would cause damage to your building and property below. Damage can include broken siding, leaky windows and doors, flooding, and even cracks in your foundation.  All of this can be quite costly, even more so when you add slip and fall lawsuits due to damaged walkways or fines for not following local regulations for stormwater runoff.  

Commercial and industrial buildings often have flat or near-flat roofs that require some kind of drainage equipment on the roof to move the water and gutters work hand-in-hand with that system.  If inadequate gutters are used, that system can’t do its job as it should.


Commercial gutters are available in different types of materials.  Aluminum is the most common because it’s less expensive and lightweight which makes installation easier.  The downside of aluminum gutters is that they can dent. Heavy-gauge aluminum doesn’t dent as much as lightweight and it resists rusting.  

Steel is more expensive but also more durable.  Galvanized 24-gauge works best but because they’re heavy they should really be installed by a professional.  Copper gutters are also a great solution, especially for historic properties but they can add character and charm to any building.  Copper may be the most expensive choice for material for your commercial gutters, but they’re the most durable gutters and with proper maintenance, they can last for a century!

Styles and Sizes

Gutters come in different styles and which works best depends on the size of your building.  K-style (named because from the side they are shaped like the letter K) and U-shaped or semi-rounds are most often used for residential buildings but they can be used for commercial properties too if the building is the size of a house.  If it’s bigger, it will need bigger gutters that can handle a larger volume of water. Box gutters are most commonly used for commercial and industrial properties.  

Gutters usually come in widths from 5” to as high as 8” but the most common size for commercial gutters is 6”.


Proper installation is a key component to gutters that will last.  Experienced professionals will ensure that fasteners are at the appropriate distance apart which will keep them from sagging during heavy rains.  Installing the gutters yourself is risky especially when you consider their heavy weight and bulkiness along with the height of your building. It’s a dangerous job that should be done by professional, fully-insured gutter technicians.  Gutter companies also follow all regulations so you can be sure the gutters you choose will be up to code.  


Commercial gutters are an expensive investment so it’s important to properly maintain them to prolong their life and get your money’s worth.  Box gutters tend to accumulate more debris than their counterparts so cleanings on a regular basis are necessary. Clogged gutters will overflow and lead to all of the damage that goes along with it.  Cleanings also include inspections to ensure there are no leaks or loose fasteners that could cause future problems.  

GutterPros is a full-service gutter company that specializes in commercial gutters, copper gutters, and leaf protection.  Our technicians can help you find just the right type of gutter for your commercial company. From installation to maintenance, Gutter Pros does it all.  Call us at (314)656-7195 and schedule an appointment today.