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How To Keep Insects from Invading Your Home

Spring is the time of year when the birds begin to sing their lively songs, flowers begin to bloom, and insects begin to plan Operation Invade Your Home. What can you do to prevent an all-out assault?

Install a door sweep. A door sweep is a strip of aluminum and/or plastic that attaches to the bottom of the door to keep out drafts as well as insect intruders.

Seal your windows and doors. The sides of your windows and doors should be caulked every few years. Not only will it keep out pests, but it’ll also protect your home from leaks, and will lower your heating and cooling costs.

Check your screens. Insects can find their way in through the smallest of holes in your window screens. Also, make sure there are no gaps along the edges that can happen if they’ve been dented or bent.

Keep your lawn mowed and healthy. Overgrown lawns and ones that are not maintained well are breeding grounds for insects. Apply insect control to your lawn to defend against infestation.

Look for pooling water. Puddles, buckets, tire swings, kiddie pools and anywhere that water can accumulate and stagnate will become a nursery for insects, especially mosquitoes.

Get rid of their food source. Most insects that come into your home are looking for food. Make sure that you rinse your dishes immediately after use or put them in the dishwasher. Keep your food in airtight containers, including pet food. Clean up crumbs or spills immediately and sweep and vacuum often. Garbage cans should have a tight seal. Use only the sealed garbage can in your kitchen to store food waste instead of putting it in wastebaskets throughout your home.

Keep your foundation clear. Trim shrubbery and any plants that are near your home’s foundation that might keep it damp.

Install bird feeders and places for birds to nest. Birds love to eat insects so they’ll help with insect control if you attract them to your yard. Bats can eat 6,000-8,000 insects every night so why not recruit some bats to help the fight by putting up some bat houses?

Make sure firewood is stored at least 20 feet from your home. The further away it is, the further away the bugs will be.

Check your home for water leaks. Insects like ants will look for a water source before building a nest in your home. Make sure that you have no leaky or dripping pipes in your home, including around your washer and dishwasher. If your basement is damp, use a dehumidifier.

Install leaf protection. Leaves and debris that build up in your gutters cause a myriad of problems, not the least of which is that it creates an HQ for insects in the battle for your home. Win the fight by having your gutters professionally cleared of all debris and have the right leaf protection installed.

Whether you choose micro mesh or reverse curve gutter covers, keeping leaves, pine needles, or sticks out of your gutters will make your gutters last longer, prevent damage to your siding, foundation, windows, and doors, and they’ll help to deter infestation. The right leaf protection will help you fight Operation Invade Your Home and win the war against insects.

At GutterPros, we have several options when it comes to leaf protection. Do you have lots of leaves? Mostly pine needles? Call us today at (314)656-7195 and let us find the right leaf protection for you.