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7 Signs Your Commercial Gutters Need Repair

Water is one of the most powerful compounds in the world. It created the Grand Canyon, after all, so imagine what it could do to a building over time?

Virtually all commercial buildings need gutters. Besides adding character as in the case of copper ones, gutters keep water from slowly wearing down the building. It’s not enough to have gutters on your commercial buildings, you need to maintain them regularly and make sure they’re doing their job of moving damaging water safely away from your building.

Here are some signs that your commercial gutters might be in need of some repair:

They overflow. When your commercial gutters overflow, it generally means that they’re clogged which is a common problem with any gutters that don’t have proper leaf protection to keep out debris.

They’ve come detached from the building. This can happen if there’s a clog which has caused significant weight to accumulate during heavy rains. It also could be that they weren’t installed properly the first time.

They sag. Again, debris and heavy leaves and improper installation can lead to sagging gutters. If the gutter hangers were placed further than 18 inches apart in snowy regions or 36 inches everywhere else, they will eventually sag. They may simply be old and have lost their integrity which means it’s time to replace them.

Your building’s foundation is cracked. When gutters leak or overflow, the water can cause cracks in your foundation. Over time, more water gets trapped in the cracks, freezes and expands during cold weather, and causes cracks in the foundation to worsen.

There are cracks in the asphalt. The same kind of damage can happen to the asphalt or concrete that surrounds your commercial building.

You have a leaky basement. Leaks in the basement or lowest floor happen when foundation or wall cracks get too big. The cracks allow water to get inside and cause water damage and flooding, both requiring costly repairs and damage mitigation.

There are leaks in the attic or top floor. Many commercial buildings have flat roofs that require extra equipment for drainage. If the equipment isn’t adequate or isn’t working properly, the roof can leak. Anytime there’s water damage, there’s a costly repair bill.

The good news is that a good gutter cleaning will remove clogs which may take care of some of these problems, like overflowing gutters, without the need for repairs. If left too long, however, the sticks and debris can damage the gutters or lead to sagging and breakage. If your gutters are cleared and they continue to overflow, there may be a different problem: the pitch may not be sufficient and would need to be adjusted.

Gutter problems may be an indication that your gutters have served you well but it’s time for them to retire. At GutterPros, our technicians can clean and diagnose any problem you may be having with your commercial gutters. We maintain and repair your existing gutters, or if you need newer gutters, we can install gutters and drainage systems that can prevent damage to your commercial building by unrelenting water. As leaders in commercial gutters, copper gutters, and leaf protection in the St. Louis area, GutterPros is your “go to” for all things gutters. Call GutterPros today at (314) 656-7195.