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Long-lasting gutter guards

Spring Time is Leaf Protection Time!

Spring has sprung! The sun is shining, birds are singing, and the trees are bursting with buds. And you know what happens to those buds…they become leaves. And what happens to those leaves? They all find their way into your gutters.

Early spring is the best time to have leaf protection installed. Gutters should be cleaned of debris from the long winter months in early spring and they have to be cleaned before leaf protection can be installed, so why not take that opportunity to tackle that leaf problem once and for all?

Leaf protection, or gutter guards, will prolong the life of your gutters by keeping debris out that can damage your gutters. They also eliminate leaf-build up that causes clogs that can cause the water to overflow and damage your siding, windows, and foundation.

Gutter guards come in a few different choices.

Perforated Aluminum Guards

Sheets of aluminum with holes punched in them are installed flat on the gutter. They’re designed to let water through and keep leaves out and although they work well with leaves, some pine needles can make their way through.

Solid Gutter Covers

These are also called Reverse Curve gutters because they have an edge that, as water flows into the gutter, any leaves or debris falls to the ground. They’re installed above the gutter. They work very well for homes where trees don’t hang over the roof and work best for trees that are not oak trees or pine trees because those “tassels” and pine needles tend to stick to the surface area of the water and can clog the gutter opening instead of falling off as they should. If they do clog, the water overflows directly onto the siding or the ground where it can cause damage. Solid guards are installed under your roof shingles which makes them a little more difficult and time-consuming to install and will have to be removed for the gutters to be cleaned.

Micromesh Gutter Guards

Micromesh guards use a fine, stainless steel mesh installed on top of the gutter and work well to keep even pine needles out. The micromesh is connected to a frame of PVC or aluminum but aluminum is recommended because PVC can expand and contract when it gets extremely hot or extremely cold.

Foam Guards

Foam guards are long foam tubes that look like pool noodles. They are set inside the gutter itself, allowing water to come in while keeping debris out. They are installed by simply cutting them to the right length and placing them inside the gutter. The problem with foam gutters, however, is that they tend to break down rather quickly in the harsh elements.

Brush Guards

Similar to foam guards, brush guards are long tubes placed in the gutters but these are made of brushes that look like bottle brushes. Their downside is that debris can stick to the bristles which causes clogging.

Having gutter guards doesn’t mean that you’ll never have to have your gutters cleaned again but you won’t have to have it done nearly as often. The technicians at Gutter Pros are experts in everything gutter-related including leaf protection as well as the installation and maintenance of residential and commercial gutters. Call us today at (314) 656-7195 and we’ll protect your gutters from all those leaves!