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Better to have gutter guards or not

Antique Homes and Copper Gutters

Nothing quite brings out the charm and beauty of antique home than copper gutters.  Historic homes give us a glimpse into our past, a window into how things used to be.  Preserving our history should be a priority which is why when it comes to gutters for a historic home, you shouldn’t cheap out.  Sure, vinyl gutters will cost less but they’ll distract from the historic look, and potentially the value, of the home.

Copper gutters are more than just a pretty face.  They’re strong. In St. Louis, your gutters will take a lot of abuse throughout the years.  They need to be durable enough to withstand extreme rains, snowstorms, heavy ice, debris, and unrelenting heat.  Copper gutters do just that and they don’t rust or corrode and they’re so strong they rarely sag. Instead of using separate connectors, copper gutters are soldered at the joints which adds to their strength and durability.

Cost is probably the only thing about copper gutters that gives people pause.  At $20-30 per square foot, copper is the most expensive material used in gutters.  Any hanging pieces needed should also be made of copper for continuity and because they’re copper, they’ll be strong too.  Because copper is chosen for its beauty (as well as its utility), special, more ornate hangers are available for your copper gutters that will add stylish details to your home’s exterior.

If you’re looking for gutters that won’t need replacing for a while, look no further than copper gutters.  If properly maintained, they can last more than 100 years! Once you factor that into your cost, you’ll see that copper gutters are a cost-effective solution for rain drainage for any home.

Copper gutters come in K-style or the traditional half-round in 5,6, and 8-inch sizes.  It’s important to use a big enough gutter to be able to handle the amount of water that’ll come down your roof during a big storm or you risk overflow washing down the side of your house.

Half-round gutters have double or single bead edges.  This means the edges are rolled, on one side for single bead and on both for double.  The rolled edge adds a considerable amount to the cost and restricts the type of hangers that can be used to so single-bead gutters are more commonly used.  (They also can’t be used where eaves and fascias get in the way.) The bead edge makes copper gutters even more durable.

Because the joints are soldered, installation requires more work and more skill.  It’s important to hire a gutter professional who is highly skilled and has a lot of experience installing them.  Just because a company installs vinyl and aluminum gutters, it does not mean they have the skills and knowledge to install copper gutters.

Having copper gutters installed is a great way to maintain the integrity of your historic home.  Even if your home had no gutters or has gutters made from aluminum or vinyl, copper gutters can make all the difference.

 At Gutter Pros, our technicians are highly experienced in the installation and maintenance of copper gutters in the Greater St. Louis area.  Call us today at (314) 656-7195 and we’ll show you how copper gutters can make your historic home a showstopper!