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Choosing the Right Commercial Gutters for Your Property

Rain gutters are essential for any commercial building.  Commercial buildings are usually much larger than residential buildings and the rainfall that falls on the roof would create a deluge if there wasn’t an adequate drainage system in place that could handle the amount of rain that falls during a rainstorm.  

Aside from the damage this would cause to your building and area surrounding it, there are building codes that all property owners must follow that include systems that deal with water runoff that won’t cause harm to adjacent properties.  

If your commercial property doesn’t have gutters or the ones you do have need replacing, choosing the right gutters can be a daunting task.  How do you choose the right one?


Choose the Right Material

Aluminum―Aluminum is the most commonly used material.  It’s less expensive than other materials but can dent. Heavy gauge aluminum is best and is still relatively lightweight and won’t rust.

Steel―A durable but more expensive solution.  Galvanized 24-gauge is best but they’re heavy and it’s vital for them to be installed correctly for them to last.     

Copper―Great solution for historic properties but look fantastic on any building.  They’re durable and more expensive but with proper maintenance, you may never have to replace them.


Choose the Right Style

K-style―Named this because they have a reinforced shape that sort of looks like the letter K, this style of gutter can hold a large volume of water.  They almost have the look of crown molding.

Box Gutters―Box gutters are shaped like a box and can handle large amounts of water although they may accumulate more debris than other styles because of their box shape.  Gutters usually come in 5, 6, or 7-inch widths, and to choose which size is best, consider the size of the roof and the water volume that comes off it during a heavy rainstorm.

Half Rounds―These semi-circle-shaped gutters look more like what you would find on residential buildings.  They come in different sizes which is important because if you choose a size that is too small to handle the amount of water that comes off the roof, it will simply overflow.

Another important aspect to consider when it comes to commercial gutters is installation.  Installing commercial gutters is not something that a non-professional should attempt. Besides the danger involved with working at tall heights, commercial gutters are heavy and bulky which makes their installation riskier.  

If the gutters attach to the roof, there’s an issue there as well―it may void your roof’s warranty.  Roofs are expensive, especially for commercial properties, and you should do whatever it takes to keep that warranty in place in case you ever need it.  Check your warranty before any installation.

A professional gutter company can help you determine what kind of gutters would work best on your property and design a system that not only looks and works great but follows all building codes as well.  

GutterPros is a full-service gutter company that specializes in commercial gutters, copper gutters, and leaf protection.  Our technicians can help you find just the right type of gutter that will make your property shine. Call Gutter Pros at (314)656-7195 and schedule an appointment today.