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Commercial Gutters and Residential Gutters: Are They the Same?

In a word, no.

Just like your gutters for your home, commercial gutters are designed to divert all of the water that falls on the roof elsewhere where it can’t cause damage to the building like cracks in the foundation that could cause flooding, damage to the siding, leaky windows and doors, and landscape or asphalt damage.  Whether you have a home or a commercial property, these things are expensive to repair.

Also, like your gutters for your home, commercial gutters can be a way to add beauty and character to your building.  Different styles and colors can be used to enhance the look of either property and greatly improve your curb appeal which in turn, increases your property’s value and makes it more welcoming.

The similarities end there.

The Differences

Codes and Regulations

Codes and regulations for commercial properties are different and more strict than residential ones.   Only specific materials may be used and guidelines must be followed as to how the stormwater drains so it doesn’t interfere in any way to other businesses or overburden and overflow storm drains that could cause flooding in surrounding areas.

Specific Materials

Vinyl is a weak material and therefore cannot be used in commercial gutters.  Commercial buildings usually have a large volume of water running off them during heavy storms and their gutters need to be strong enough to handle it.  Heavy aluminum or 24-gauge steel are ideal materials for commercial roofs. Aluminum is popular for its resistance to rust and even heavy-duty aluminum is relatively lightweight.  Copper gutters are a good choice for commercial properties looking to add charm and the green patina that develops is charming and welcoming.


A popular style for commercial gutters is box gutters.  These sturdy gutters can handle a large volume of water although they may suffer from a greater build-up of debris because of their shape.

K-style (shaped like the letter K) is another popular choice because they look a bit more stylish than box gutters.  Depending on the usual water volume of the building, you may choose from 5, 6, or -inch widths.


Installation of commercial gutters is different than residential gutters as well.  On your home, the gutters are installed at the edge of the roof because that’s where the water ends up as it flows down the slope of the roof.  Commercial buildings, on the other hand, are often flat or the slope is shallow so they require more elaborate drainage systems to be installed.

Gutter Pros technicians are experts in the installation and maintenance of commercial gutters and drainage systems.  We follow all codes and regulations and can design a long-lasting drainage design that will protect your commercial property from the expansive damage that water can leave behind.

Call Gutter Pros today at (314)656-7195 and let us show how we can improve the look and water drainage of your commercial property.  Whether you have a commercial property in need of gutters, you need gutter guards for your home, or you want to know what copper gutters are all about, call today and see all we have to offer.