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Get Your Mind In the Gutter

At GutterPros, we’ve alway got our minds in the gutter.

Gutters for your home, that is.  Gutter cleaning, gutter inspections, gutter installations, gutter guards…gutters, gutters, gutters!  So when the time comes time to replace your old leaky, saggy gutters, we’re the people to call.  We want your house to look its best and have the most durable gutters that fit your budget.  To do this, we offer gutters of a variety of different materials to suit your needs.


Aluminum gutters are a popular choice due to their durability and their affordability.  They’re  weather resistant so they last a long time.  They’re also easy to clean so you can clean them yourself, but we’d be happy to provide that service for you.  

Although aluminum gutters can become dented if debris hits it in the wind and they can leak, we do use the highest quality aluminum to minimize the chances of these things happening.  Aluminum gutters never rust.  With steel gutters, if there is blockage and water collects, the steel can begin to rust.  That’s never a problem with aluminum gutters.  When buying gutters, you should choose the thickest ones you can find to reduce the chance of denting.  

Aluminum gutters are affordable, look great, and are quick and easy to install.


If you’re looking for an option that adds charm to your home and is the most durable gutter, copper is the right choice.  They add character to your home without being too bold and will greatly improve your curb appeal.  As with all copper, they will turn a lovely green patina color over time, giving your home a rustic, down-home feel while still being elegant.  People love the look of copper gutters and they will increase your home’s resale value.

For many, copper gutters are considered the premier choice, the top of the line for gutters.  Their quality comes at a price, however, and copper is the most expensive type of gutter, but you shouldn’t have to face having them replaced in 20 years or less as you would with the other choices.  Copper gutters are the most durable of all gutters and if properly maintained, they can last the life of your home.  They’re more time-consuming to install which adds to the cost, and you have to use all copper fittings as aluminum ones would cause a reaction that can actually break down the copper.  Copper gutters should be looked at as an investment in the quality of your home.


Steel is a sturdy choice for gutters and usually comes in galvanized which is a little more expensive than aluminum.  It’s long-lasting, but will usually begin to show signs of rust at around 20 years.  Stainless steel gutters are also available, and they won’t rust, but their price is comparable to that of copper.

Aluminum, steel, and copper gutters can be made seamless on site.  With fewer seams, there will be fewer leaks and your gutters will be custom in length.

At GutterPros, we only use the highest quality products, and our technicians are experts in the installation, inspection, repairing, and cleaning of your gutters.  No matter what the material you choose, GutterPros can install a beautiful gutter system that’ll protect your home and yard from water damage for many years to come.

If you want to talk gutters, we’re the company to call!  Call us today at (314) 656-7195.