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6 Ways to Add Beauty and Value to Your Home’s Exterior

As they say, you only get one chance to make a first impression.  The exterior of your home is the first thing people see when they visit and should be as welcoming and updated as the interior of your home.  Often, exterior improvements will bring you an exceptional return on your investment, and some almost pay for themselves!  

Window/Door Replacement

Replacing your windows and doors will not only give your home a cleaner, more updated appearance, today’s doors and windows are more energy-efficient than ever.  Not only will your home’s appearance be improved, but your energy savings will help your wallet too!


People love relaxing or entertaining out on the deck or patio.  Adding a deck will increase your home’s living space as well as your home’s value with an average 81% recoup of the cost.  If you’re considering selling your home, potential home buyers typically want a home that is move-in ready and don’t want to have to put money into upgrades.  They’ll consider the cost of building a deck themselves in their offer to buy.


Depending on the condition and age of your home, you may want to consider replacing your roof.  If you’re selling, your roof will be scrutinized during the appraisal process and replacement or repair costs will be reflected in any offer, or it may even be a deal-breaker if the buyer is using loans with strict appraisal standards like VA or FHA.  

If your roof looks shabby but is in otherwise good condition, a professional cleaning to remove years of dirt, mold, and lichen can give your roof a near-new appearance.  This is not a job to do yourself, however.  Have a professional do it to avoid damage to your roof.

Vinyl Siding

This is an investment, but typically one that gives an 80% cost recoup to the value of your home.  Vinyl is durable, nearly maintenance-free, helps cut down on yearly energy costs and comes in a large variety of colors.  


Putting time and money into landscaping will always increase your home’s curb appeal.  It can be a large investment such as a new underground sprinkler system or a small investment consisting of a few strategic plantings and maintenance.  A professional landscaper can help you get the most bang for your buck.  A neatly mowed lawn, fresh mulch, and colorful annuals can add great appeal to your home’s exterior for not a lot of money.


You may not think that gutters are beautiful (We do!) but they go a long way in keeping up your home’s appearance.  They direct water away from your house before it can cause damage to your siding, windows, doors foundation, deck or patio, and your landscaping.  Most potential home buyers know this and will have to consider the fact that they’ll have the added cost of installing them when making an offer on your house or they may shy away from it.  

If you have gutters, but they’re not in the best shape, consider upgrading them.  If you have dented aluminum ones, you may want to upgrade to longer-lasting, dent-resistant steel gutters.  An older or uniquely designed home may have greater curb appeal with rustic copper gutters.  

If your gutters are in good shape, a good cleaning may be all they need.  Painting them a matching or complementary color to your home’s exterior can also brighten your home’s appearance.

Not all improvements will add value to your home, but they will make your home more appealing and if the time comes that you want to sell, a well-kept, beautiful home will bring in more potential buyers.

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