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Hey, Fall: Leaf My Gutters Alone!

Hey, Fall: Leaf My Gutters Alone!

With fall quickly approaching, the leaves will soon be falling down in numbers. Of course, this wreaks havoc on your gutters, causing all kinds of blockage and damage. GutterPros technicians are extremely qualified and capable of cleaning your gutters quickly, but it’s also a great idea to take measures to protect your gutters from leaves.

Leaf guards, also known as gutter guards, are a relatively cheap and easy solution to protecting your gutters. The tool involves a thin, plastic sheet that goes over your gutters. The guard is porous, allowing water to get through it. However, the holes are too small for leaves to fall through, which keeps them out of your gutters. The holes are also small enough to block a lot of other small pieces of debris that might get kicked up from the weather.

As you probably already know, keeping your gutters clean is essential to making sure they run properly. All it takes is a little debris to begin building up a mound, which can cause a huge amount of trouble for your gutters.

But, while gutter guards can certainly help reduce the amount of maintenance required for your gutters, they require a bit of maintenance themselves. If any part of the guard breaks, it will be even easier for leaves and debris to get in and clog up the gutter. It could also mean that the debris gets in and goes further down your gutter to a spot where you can’t see because of the guard. If you suspect that you’re having blockage issues and you have gutter guards, you’ll need to carefully inspect the entire gutter to find where the blockage is causing problems.

Or, of course, you could call GutterPros and let us inspect it for FREE.

When it comes to material, there are a variety of options for gutter guards. You have metal, mesh, foam, or what’s known as Dzreverse gutter Each option has it’s own benefits and downfalls. The metal screens are strong and hold up for a long time, but small things like twigs can get caught in the holes. Mesh does a great job of blocking out all kinds of debris, but it will eventually tear. Foam also works really well, but you have to get a specific shape and size to fit your gutters. Reverse gutter guards are basically a total cover of the gutter that only has a small slit to allow water and nothing else to come through. These are a bit more expensive and difficult to install and can struggle under really heavy rains.

As you can see, there are a few options to preventing those pesky leaves from blocking up your gutter and causing you headaches. If you’re going to install some kind of system, it’s important to make sure that your gutters are clean beforehand. GutterPros would be happy to do that for you at an incredibly affordable price, as well as any other gutter needs you may need. Contact us today and keep your gutters fresh this fall!