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Fall is the Right Time to Clean Your Commercial Gutters

Fall has arrived in all its colorful glory. The vibrant leaves are beautiful as they dance through the air. In your gutters, they’re not so pretty.

Problems with Debris Build-Up
Leaves and debris can build up in your gutters and cause a host of problems such as infestations, foundation cracks, asphalt and concrete damage, and puddling in your landscaping. As the muck builds up in your gutters, they clog the water and become heavier and the added weight can cause the gutters to sag and break as well as put pressure on the fasteners. Leaks can cause electrical problems and lead to mold and unsanitary condition for workers. Whether it’s damage to your gutters or damage to your building, repairs or replacements can be a big expense that you weren’t prepared for.
Commercial gutters are particularly susceptible to clogs because the most common type of commercial gutters is box gutters designed to handle large volumes of water. Their open side is typically 6 inches or more, giving ample room for leaves to collect there.
If your commercial gutters are clogged, you have all of the same potentials for damage as residential gutters with the added risk of damage to the roof’s drainage system that is needed for flat-roofed facilities. If water backs up onto a flat roof, it can greatly increase the weight on your roof and can lead to a disaster. Commercial gutters are much heavier than their residential counterparts which means they’re much more expensive to repair or replace.

Importance of a Professional Inspection
After the leaves have fallen and before the freezing temperatures have hit, it’s important to have your commercial gutters cleaned and inspected for damage.
Inspecting commercial gutters is not merely looking them over. Experts know what to look for such as staining where water may have collected. They check all fasteners to make sure they’re secure and look for early signs of problems. Problems that are caught before they become a big problem are easier and less expensive to fix.

Importance of a Professional Cleaning
Cleaning commercial gutters is not only a disgusting job (think of all that decomposing muck) but it’s a dangerous one that should only be done by the professionals instead of maintenance personnel from your company. Even if your gutters can be accessed at the roof, there is a risk of falling which could injure your employee and your company would be completely liable.
Taking care of your gutters makes your business more professional-looking, welcoming, and shows potential customers that you put care and pride into your business.

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With an inspection and cleaning from Gutter Pros, your gutters will be ready when winter arrives!